I’m a Photoshop file.

In my Background folder you may find a layer named Venezuela. That one has a clipped mask with lots of colored brushes. The warmer ones that remind me of the weather at home and a few tints of blue, from the Caribbean Sea I miss so much.

Right above that is my Education folder. There, you may find the group SCAD Class of 2016. That one contains layers such as Advertising, Art Director and All nighters. These are all masked by adjustments like black & white, and curves which basically describe my journey through college. Lots of ups and downs which I’m grateful for.

On top is Experience which contains two groups for now: NY and Madrid. NY contains a layer of Pharma that is now hidden. After two years working at FCB Health, I’ve decided to start over in the consumer world. Madrid contains two layers: LOLA MullenLowe now hidden too, and Ogilvy where I’m currently a Digital Art Trainee.

Last but not least, I have my interests folder. This is where you'll find layers like: food blogging, cooking, anything that involves reggaeton, facetiming family abroad, and tracking deliveries.

I keep adding layers and layers to my file. Hopefully I’ll have a Cannes one day. Come back soon to see what I’m up to!